7. September 2008

"Hannibal Brooks"

Vor 40 Jahren wurde Hannibal Brooks u.a. in St. Anton im Montafon gedreht:
Die Anfangsszene (im Trailer ab Sek. 23) mit dem entgleisenden Zug wurde mit der Montafonerbahn gedreht...

"During World War II, Brooks, a peace-loving British soldier, is captured by the Germans in Italy and placed on a prison train to Germany. On board, he meets Packy, an American prisoner of war who engineers an escape for them against Brooks's will. They are captured and taken to a prison camp outside Munich. Brooks is assigned to work at the local zoo, where he becomes attached to Lucy, a 15-year-old elephant. The elephant keeper is killed during an air raid; and Brooks is detailed to take Lucy by train to a zoo in Innsbruck, Austria. Their railroad car is commandeered by SS Col. von Haller, however, thus forcing Brooks and Lucy to make the journey by foot. Accompanying them are Willi, a friendly Austrian guard; Vronia, a Polish prisoner who is their cook; and Kurt, a disagreeable German guard who frequently gets drunk and insults both Vronia and the elephant. Brooks accidentally kills Kurt when the latter threatens to shoot Lucy; and Willi suggests they cross the Alps to the Swiss border, 60 miles away. Brooks agrees, but insists upon taking along Lucy. Brooks sets out with Lucy on the long trek across the Alps after Vronia and Willi have gone on ahead. En route, he repeatedly crosses paths with his pursuers, led by von Haller, as well as with Packy, who now leads a guerrilla band of escaped prisoners. Finally, Brooks, Packy, Vronia, and Willi all reach the border, whereupon von Haller, who is deserting as the war nears its end, tries to doublecross them to make good his own escape. During the fighting that breaks out, Vronia and Willi, who have betrayed their loyalties, are killed, but Lucy knocks down a border post and leads Brooks, Packy, and the remnants of his small army, to safety in Switzerland." (Quelle: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title.jsp?stid=77303)

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